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The company uses a 3rd party worldwide shipping company: Asendia Sin. each parcel the return address is listed as: "Fulfillment House PO Box 4010"That's it. Write to the email address listed requesting all immediate and future trials, subscriptions and orders be cancelled. But the bank doesn't even know the company's name is let alone what their terms and conditions were since the company uses multiple temporary marketing sites. The only usefeful info the web PAGE (not site, and none of their buttons/links even work) has is the email address it lists. I have also ordered something from a sports discount retailer in Chicago and was charged with FHT PINGOFF CO SHENZHEN.

Make a complete copy of the email (including date and contact headers) and if you get no response from them, give the email to your bank or credit card company to show proof that you've attempted to request your trial/subscription/orders be cancelled. Ive searched a number of them that have been closed already..ones keep popping up. They market "free" skin creme trials through various websites. Not only did they charge my credit card but I also have a charge from another Company called WISUNTA CO SHENZHEN.

Since then I have written multiple emails to the company without hearing anything.

I ran a Whois and found that the owner, Aveling Smothers, is associated with hundreds of fraudulent Websites and though those sites show as being in the United States, they are more likely associated with China.

I payed debit card and have the simmilar name on my statement FHT*QINRUO CO SHENZHEN CN. I still haven't recived my order and have no reply form "so-called " store owner. Have tried to contact the company repeatedly and they do not respond. there, I have bought a pair of Dr Martens boots and the charge was taken by FHT*Xiolin LTD. I bought some Garden boots from them it said they were $26 haven't got them yet I got my bank statement today and they had charged me $36 for them you still haven't got them I'm thinking I need to go debit card before they take it I've tried to email hey have had my money now for over a month haven't heard anything out of them I guess I just got scammed again $36 makes me sick Merchant is PURWATE. Emails asking for tracking number were never replied to. They set up a fake website of discount designer clothes...after purchase it became evident it was a scam, beware...*PINGOFF CO SHENZHEN CHN I was conned by the fraudulent Black Friday Sales advertisement on Facebook to puschased an electric Mixer and was been charged by this merchant PES*bosssellthings in CNY dollars. Any questions please feel free to contact the website instantly.

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